7 ways to communicate in todays culture

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1. Nobody is a ‘stranger’ once you connect with them

(Hello, what’s your name…)

2. Nobody is interested in being talked at

(Please, don’t preach…)

3. Everybody welcomes a conversation/dialogue of mutuality and respect

(Can I ask you an important question ______________ )

4. Everybody loves to share their opinion, ideas, & thoughts

(e.g., “What are most people looking for in life?”)

5. Jesus provides an unmistakeable communication methodology for engaging people

(Jesus asked a multitude of questions to move people from the mundane to meaningful, from temporal to the eternal)

6. Our post-modern culture can be reached with the gospel via effective communication, one heart at a time

(People will hear from those who they perceive actually care about them… relationships before knowledge is key)

7. Authentic joy in ministry is experienced via the living out of the Great Commission,
loving people like Jesus did.

(Happiness, for the true believer, comes through a heart of obedience, and doing His will among those who need
His grace and mercy the most!)


Compelling and meaningful evangelism/apologetics is
relationship-driven, not information given.

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